My20 Denver in line for a rebranding

KTVD’s website is undergoing a makeover from it’s simple (Too Simple) and generic website to a what I assume is a website that will be more in line with other Gannett station websites. But while I was checking tonight to see if the site has debuted yet, I seen that a new logo has debuted.  Not sure if it will be called 9News’ Channel 20 or Channel 20 Powered by 9News type of branding, but the logo clearly features 9News in it’s logo. Not sure if this is a final version of the logo or a temporary. But what this Logo indicates is that My20 Denver branding is on it’s last legs. Does this mean they are keeping their affiliation with the My Network TV programming service. What questions may come of the change is will there be more news from 9News on the station, will it go independent? Will it become a 24/7 News Channel? I am asking questions to the staff at 9news and will find out more. Stay Tuned!

Channel 20 powered by 9News
Not sure what the branding will be yet.

Changes at a little TV station that could.

Northern Colorado 5 is a tv station that is still in gestation, made a change to it’s 10pm (Only) Newscast, it doesn’t outsource it to a company called INN: Independent News Network anymore. Instead it reverted to having it’s Cheyenne (KGWN) sister station to record the 10pm news ahead of time again. Positive in a way that the anchor desk is closer to Northern Colorado again, but the negative is that the broadcast is still pre-recorded and no chance of breaking news if something happens or extended news coverage of an event that is important to the region.

If I ran the station, I would use any kind of resource I could find to make local news a larger focus and change affiliation to differ its programming from it’s parent station KGWN and to garner a different audience that could tap a larger advertisement pool then they currently have.

Fall 2011 – Denver TV Changes

(Sorry for the late posting.)

Fall 2011 is starting to show big changes already. CBS4 has already dropped it’s 4pm newscast that only debuted in May in exchange for Dr. Phil moving to the 4pm hour and the 3pm hour filled with a low rent America’s Court with Judge Ross at 3pm now.  Basically 4pm news on channel 4 wasn’t what it once was and couldn’t muster the ratings to keep the fledgling newscast a float.

Other changes this fall are more extensive on three other stations. Channel 2, FOX31, and My20 are all debuting new schedules and major changes.

My20 – KTVD

My20 is showing it’s comedic muscle by getting low rated, highly critically acclaimed 30 Rock at night, CNN Journalist Anderson Cooper in daytime. ACC Football on Saturdays, Law & Order on Sundays.

Here is the times for new shows.

30 Rock – 6pm and 10:30pm M-F and 6pm Sunday / 10:30 on Saturdays

Anderson Cooper – 9am & 4pm M-F

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 2pm & 3am M-F ( Formally Law & Order: SVU )

ACC Football – 10am to 1pm Saturdays starting in 2012

Law & Order – 7pm & 8pm on Sundays

Wild LTD ( Kids Infotainment program ) Sundays at 7:30am

Changes to the Schedule

9News Daily Connection format is dead, and 9News at 11am replaced that broadcast.

Entertainment Tonight is going daytime with a half hour repeat at 11:30am and the Weekend Edition on at 9:30pm on Sunday

Nate Berkus will only have one airing a day at 3pm

Family Feud is moving to Channel 3 (KCDO)


Colorado’s Own Channel 2 – KWGN

Channel 2 will have a Big Bang going into Fall 2011 as they will have a major ratings performer and critically acclaimed The Big Bang Theory, a all new daytime schedule and a Doctor joins it’s roster.

New Show’s

Colorado’s Best ( Basically Martino TV reformatted without Tom Martino ) at 12pm M-F

Jeremy Kyle Show – British Trash TV coming to America’s TV Sets. Oohh the joy (Sarcasm)  at 2pm M-F

The Bill Cunningham Show – More Conflict TV, but this time from Tribune. Seems original right? – 11am M-F

Dr. Drew’s Life Changers – Could actually be the best part of the daytime schedule, and it is from the CW. – 3pm & 3:30 M-F

The Big Bang Theory – One of the  funniest shows to come to Syndication in a long time – at 6:30 and 10pm M-F

American Dad – The Family Guy spin-off is coming to channel 2 only not at a very good time slot. – 1am & 1:30am M-F ( personally I think it would have been better served at a earlier time slot. )

Changes to the Schedule

The most noticeable change is that Regis and Kelly are not in the 9am hour anymore on Channel 2, it was moved to FOX31 with Everyday at 10am (Starting September 12th)

Maury- Trash Talker moved back to Channel 2 with a double dose of low class at 9am and 10am M-F

Wendy Williams and Jerry Springer make the move from Channel 2 to Channel 3 (KCDO)

Family Guy moves back to Channel 2 at the Midnight hour M-F

King of the Hill also make’s the move to Channel 2 at 2am and 2:30am M-F

Everybody Loves Raymond moves to the 4pm hour M-F

Friends Moves to the 5pm Hour M-F

Two and a Half Men get split up at 6pm & 10:30pm M-F

Seinfeld moves to 11pm

Steve Wilkos moves up an hour to 1pm from 2pm M-F

K3 Colorado – KCDO

Wendy Williams Show – 1pm M-F

Cheeters – 2pm & 2:30 M-F

Jerry Springer – 3pm, 4pm, 10:30pm M-F

Family Feud – 5pm hour and 9pm hour M-F

South Park – 10pm M-F

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne – 11:30pm M-F

FOX31 Denver – KDVR

What’s New:

America Now – News Magazine at 11am M-F ( Think Inside Edition type of Show )

Excused – a new reality Dating show – 10:35 pm M-F

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The FX comedy is coming to late night this fall –  12:05am M-F

We The People with Gloria Allred is going to have a very early morning bow at 4am and 4:30 am M-F


Live with Regis and Kelly are moving to FOX31 at 9am M-F  Starting September 12th

Everyday jumps to FOX31 at 10am M-F Starting September 12th

Access Hollywood returns to FOX31 at 11:30am M-F

Swift Justice returns to the 3pm time slot with a new Judge, Judge Glass instead of Nancy Grace.

TMZ moves to the 11:05pm time period M-F

My Name is Earl makes the jump to FOX31 at 12:35am and 3am M-F

The Insider moves back to FOX31 at 11:35pm M-F


Last Words

If any station is the big winner out of this is Channel 2 with the Big Bang Theory, The show is for sure going to be highly rated and paired with Two and a Half Men doesn’t hurt either.

My20 is probably going to not see the return on it’s investment with 30 Rock, but I give them kudos for taking a awesome show and giving it plumb time periods. Also My20 might have a nice hit on it’s hands with Anderson Coopers new talk show, good news is if it does well that is good, bad news is that if it does well, Channel 9 might swoop it up.

FOX31 in transition, seems to me it would seem that they are moving away from Comedies even with the pick up of “Always Sunny” and “Earl”

Personally, I think that Channel 2’s new daytime schedule is a lame duck outside of Dr. Drew’s show. I don’t see Bill Cunningham’s show lasting more then one season, and I think that Tribune needs to move away from Conflict talk shows on it’s TV stations as it doesn’t enrich or benefit society at all. I think that FOX31 should take all the “Reality and Talk shows” and Channel 2 have all the comedies. Think Local version of TBS with more news.

Not Excited about a show called Colorado’s Best. Really another Infomercial hour, couldn’t it have been a bit more like Channel 4’s Haystack TV and less like Channel 9’s Colorado & Company? Add a Newscast at noon with the last 5 minutes dedicated to Colorado’s Best.

The Little Station that could, is starting to show that it can, even with low rated talkers and reruns of a creepy stalker show I see that Channel 3 KCDO is making some in roads and if anything it would be smart to hook-up with Channel 7 or Channel 4 and produce some news, also to have your signal not reach most of Northern Colorado and western parts of the Denver Metro area, I think you might want to either move the tower again or get some repeaters up on Lookout mountain and Horsetooth mountain (Fort Collins) to give more comprehensive coverage to the Market.

Why hasn’t any of the stations in Denver picked up LiveWell network yet? More original programming instead of re-runs of old Movies and TV show’s is always a welcome thing in my book. Also if you pick it up do it with widescreen and not 4:3 ( So 1990’s )
Peace Out!




KWGN – Colorado’s Own Channel 2 set to Launch July 22nd

I have found out that KWGN is set to launch it’s re-branded graphic’s, logo and music package during the 7pm News on Friday, July 22nd and Daybreak will launch the new look come Monday the 25th. Colorado’s Own Channel 2 as it will be called from then on, will

Colorado's Own Channel 2
KWGN - Colorado's Own Channel 2

have a more traditional news focus ( already moved in that direction ) with the news programming. I will say this I am very pleased with the new 7pm news team. Deborah and Jeremy are great together, professional and fun to watch. I have seen the graphics on the KDVR/KWGN promo’s page on facebook and will tell you this is probably in my opinion the best look yet for the station. Takes a more dignified approach and leaves your mind wondering where was this two years ago? Make’s me start to forget the “Two pound turd” format they had when a certain somebody who thought it would be cool. ( Not Cool man, Not Cool!)

My 2 Cents!

I think that Channel 2 has a long way to go, and now they are on the right path. Back in April when I spoke with the management team, I got the sense that they heard the community and how much they loved channel 2 for what it was and not what it had currently become. So they took extra care to include viewers in the loop with their promotions page on Facebook. I know that management has to okay things with Tribune, since they are running the station for them and Tribune has the ultimate power over KWGN, but day to day it is the local management who call the shots. So here it is with both barrels you guys and gals at KDVR/KWGN.

We want more, local, news, colorado! It is after all Colorado’s first News station, let’s give Tribune a good idea of what we are about and not what they think we are about.

#1 Make Channel 2 as distinctive as the people who live here. Do things differently the what is currently going on. Not everything has to be about what other stations are doing or not doing it is about touting what you have and owning it!

#2 While I love the fact they tried to do something different, 7pm really? Most people I know like the fact that the newscast is well awesome now. But up against big primetime shows? ( I can understand if your #1 in the market and do something ballsy like that, but when your #5, not so much. )

In my mind this is how I would see the schedule this fall ( except I am not sure what show’s except “The Big Bang Theory” your getting so far. ) So let’s play! ( I love Everyday, I really do)

5am: Colorado’s Own Channel 2 – Daybreak

7am: Colorado’s Own Mornings Live ( Everyday / Daybreak Merge, Best of both worlds )

9am: Live with Regis and Kelly

10am: Wendy Williams

11am: Colorado’s Own Channel 2 Midday News

1pm: Dr. Drew’s Life Changers ( The CW Daytime ) Move it back two hours.

( 4 hour Comedy Block, of some of the best show’s ever in Syndication, great way to counter all the talk shows on the other channels )

2pm: Friends

3pm: Everybody Loves Raymond

4pm: Seinfeld

5pm: Two and a Half Men

6pm: Colorado’s Own Evening News on Channel 2 ( 7pm News gets pushed up to 6pm )

7pm: The CW Primetime ( Let’s face it not big in ratings but getting better. )

9pm: The Big Bang Theory ( Would be a great lead in to 10pm )

10pm: Colorado’s Own Channel 2 News at 10pm ( Formally Nightside on FOX31 Denver)

11pm: 30 Rock ( not sure really if KWGN is picking it up, but awesome show )

12pm: My Name is Earl

1am: My Wife and Kids

2am: Jerry Springer

3am: Steve Wilkos

4am: Bill Cunningham ( Second Run, First run at 10am on FOX31 Denver )

I feel that this is a great way to make the station distinctive, and move the trash talk that really isn’t great for any stations reputation to the wee hours of the morning. And replacing it with show’s that people feel like this is what Channel 2 is about. Total counter programming that Advertisers will love and I am pretty sure audiences will too. As I stated above I feel that having the Big Bang Theory at 9pm will be a great lead-in for news at 10pm, Nightside isn’t doing too hot on FOX31 Denver, I believe because it is the same news as the 9pm and if you move it to Channel 2 to even out News on both channels it will also help make each station more distinct and be able to compete against Channels 9,4,7 and 20 more effectively.

Natalie and Chris, I gotta say this I love Everyday, I can see that your pouring your hearts into the show, but I see it’s strength’s and weaknesses ( 10am isn’t doing it for ya ) So I figured merging it with the last 2 hours of Daybreak and giving it a new title, bringing all the best elements of the show together with more news, weather, Tom, Angie, and Chris Tomer ) It would be even more awesome, really I think it would. And also for a new 2 hour show to open up at 11am to add more news, weather, entertainment to Channel 2. ( I would pick Tom and Natalie to anchor the Midday show and bring elements of Everyday into that show as well, spread the wealth! )

While I do understand that this could be a huge gold rush for advertising money or a crap chute this will be a far better way for Channel 2 to become what it once was a well respected News station with awesome programming all in one place that you cannot get any place else in the Denver Market. I would honestly see ratings going up across all day-parts with the schedule above and the changes I outlined. As well as bringing back News to the weekends.

As a viewer since the days of Blinky’s Fun Club, this is what I know I would want from Channel 2 and would probably tune in more so then I already do.

Recent Denver News Changes

KWGN – Channel 2

On the Facebook page for KDVR/KWGN Promo’s they are previewing over the next several weeks the concepts for the new on air look for Channel 2 and they are looking for viewer feedback. So great designs are coming out of this process. And you can win some CW and FOX prizes for commenting on those concepts.


Starting Monday at 4pm CBS4 News at 4:00 is debuting with Karen Leigh, Michelle Griego and Ed Greene with be the News Team that will compete with 4:00 at 9News and Dr. OZ on Channel 7, before Oprah Channel 4’s 4pm newscast was the one to beat, but we will see what happens come June 13th. Good Luck!

KDVR – FOX31 Denver / KWGN – Channel 2

Looks like as I reported before that Jeremey Hubbard will be making his debut as the 7pm and 10pm anchor at Duo Stations starting Monday June 13th and it is truly a homecoming for Colorado Native and one time weekend anchor at FOX31 Denver.

Also at the Duo Kellie MacMullan’s last day is today and she will be a KCRA anchor starting later this month in Sacramento, California. Have a great adventure Kellie!

The Duo is making more headlines with the addition of Ed Kosowski as the VP of News and Digital Content at KDVR and KWGN he will take the helm of the newsroom after the departure of Carolyn Cane who left the job of VP of Content in April after two years.


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KWGN and KDVR get a new Anchor (Kinda)

Jeremy Hubbard - Channel 2 (KWGN) Anchor / FOX31 Denver (KDVR) Anchor
Jeremy Hubbard - Channel 2 (KWGN) Anchor / FOX31 Denver (KDVR) Anchor

As reported in TVSpy on May 9th a soon to be former ABC correspondent is coming to Denver, but this journalist is a native of Colorado and has Anchored at KDVR before. The Anchor is Jeremy Hubbard, he anchored the Weekend News on FOX31 Denver several years back before he left Denver to become Anchor of ABC’s overnight newscast “World News Now” in 2007.

The Glenwood Springs, Colorado native is returning to the state with his Wife and seven month old son Charlie. His last day on-air at ABC is May 20th. Jeremy will Co-Anchor the news on Channel 2 (KWGN) at 7pm as well as the 10pm News on FOX31 Denver weeknights.

Welcome Home Hubbard Family.

One Day in Denver

Ten in the morning on Friday the 22nd I had the opportunity to walk the hallowed halls of FOX31 and Channel 2 with my best-friend Amanda on a tour led by Erik Candiani the Director of Marketing and Creative Services at FOX31 and Channel 2. How this adventure of mine began was because of a previous blog post I had written about the nameplate I had found on the internet of promotions producer by the name of Peter Birdsong ( Sorry Peter, I had to get the scoop! ) who’s nameplate had a new FOX31 and Channel 2 logo’s on it.

FOX31 Denver and Colorado's Own Channel 2
The new Logos

I didn’t know the reaction that would follow, I got invited down to the station to see something rarely what the common folk get to see, how a creative staff re-brands a station and why when you have two stations that you have to take a logical approach on how to appeal to similar audiences but have distinct looks that still have some common nuances that seem classy, inviting and anything but traditional.

FOX31 is now FOX31 Denver

Is a station in transition, moving away from the Generic, uninspired look that most big market FOX stations have that keep them tied to the heavily politicized FOX News Channel, and most FOX stations have had the problem of being lumped into the same category of News as FOX News, Conservative, Loud, Angry in some cases. But if you watch local FOX stations like FOX31 they are not anything like FOX News Channel at all, but their graphics scream FOX News.

KDVR's News Set and Newsroom
Above FOX31's News Set inside the Newsroom

So with that in mind FOX stations are starting to move away from that look and feel. That brings us back to FOX31 they are taking the approach to localize the look and feel to Denver, bring in colors that not all of the other stations in Denver are using and creating something that is pleasing to the eye. All done in house, not any of it was purchased from a pre-made package with the same thing that a dozen other station got.  The sound of the newscast is also different, from intro’s to outro’s there is not one trumpet or horn in the music, something that Erik Candiani wanted to do different, so the newscast didn’t sound like all the others in town, around the state, and around the country. The sound was custom made and carefully selected to work with each part of the newscast.

At 5pm on Saturday Deborah Takahara was the first to anchor the news with the new look, feel and sound. And it looks spectacular from the graphics with the Denver skyline in the background to the angles of the text (mimicking the angle of the X in FOX) introducing live shots, weather, sports and other segments. It was all carefully done, calculated and well executed.

The only thing not changing as of yet is the news sets for both FOX31 Denver and Channel 2 there is no time table as of yet for those changes but they will happen.

KWGN Channel 2 to Colorado’s Own Channel 2

So that is the new title of channel 2, why because most people know the station by channel position and not call letters, and the new title is actually a modern version of an old Channel 2 slogan ” Colorado’s Very Own” which is a modification of their sister station WGN in Chicago which employes “Chicago’s Very Own” and “Very Chicago”. This is a branding that is not taken lightly by anyone at 100 E. Speer Boulevard, This was strategic to let viewers know we heard you and are bring legacy, class and a bit of tradition back to  Colorado’s First TV Station.

KWGN's Studio with News Set, Weather Green Screen, Music Stage, Everyday Set, Internet Cafe Set, Nightside Set, Zappolo's people Set
KWGN's Studio

After the Deuce was introduced back in 2009 the station seen the backlash, but I will say this no body currently their would never had done this ever! And are correcting the course that was laid out by the previous regime which is now becoming an after thought. But when will we see a new logo show up on air for Channel 2? Well later this year, possibly as early as this summer, but a firm date has yet to be reached as of this posting.

Hard Work

If you think that making a newscast look good, sound good and feel good is easy, well it isn’t! It takes months of planning, testing, designing, using focus groups internally and externally, market research and so much more to re-brand a tv station. When I was walking around the station you got the sense of deadline and excitement about the launch of a new look for FOX31. And knowing that how much work went into that re-branding I know they will come up with something great for Channel 2 and I was assured that they are taking the greatest care to bring the viewers a station, news, programming and brand that Colorado Viewers can be proud to watch.

Chris Parente
Chris Parente - Co-Host of Everyday and Entertainment Reporter for Channel 2 News

Meeting some of the staff that makes the newscasts happen made it very real for me. Seeing Chris Parente prepare promotions for Monday’s Everyday show with pink bunny ears and taking his job seriously between takes and being the Chris we all know on screen is a lot of time work and passion and you can see that. I however didn’t get to meet Natalie Tysdal as she was talking to some colleagues while I was on the tour and was gone when we came back through, so maybe next time!

Around the newsroom you would expect complete chaos, but it was quite and for good reason the reporters where out doing what reporters do, gather information, prepare footage, interviews, voice overs and get ready for live shots. I did however get to talk to Heidi Hemmat who was getting a story ready for the evening newscasts, she was gracious and kind to take time to talk with Amanda and I for a few minutes.

My “Ahhhh” Moment

As Erik toured us around the station I got to meet with Peter Maroney the President and General Manager of the stations, we talked about the stations, my idea’s about programming changes, digital spectrum and how the stations are using it. The conversation was for me an “Ahhhhh” Moment when you feel that someone who is as busy as Peter is running not one but two Television Stations takes time to talk to me about my blog, I must say that was a great moment for me along with all the other great moments that day.

On Zappolo's People Set
Zappolo's People Set

Parting words

I want to thank everyone at the station for being so kind to say hi and talk to I and my friend Amanda about what they do and conversing with us about Idea’s and allowing us to watch them work. I do hope that I can do this again. What a great experience!