KWGN – Colorado’s Own Channel 2 set to Launch July 22nd

I have found out that KWGN is set to launch it’s re-branded graphic’s, logo and music package during the 7pm News on Friday, July 22nd and Daybreak will launch the new look come Monday the 25th. Colorado’s Own Channel 2 as it will be called from then on, will

Colorado's Own Channel 2
KWGN - Colorado's Own Channel 2

have a more traditional news focus ( already moved in that direction ) with the news programming. I will say this I am very pleased with the new 7pm news team. Deborah and Jeremy are great together, professional and fun to watch. I have seen the graphics on the KDVR/KWGN promo’s page on facebook and will tell you this is probably in my opinion the best look yet for the station. Takes a more dignified approach and leaves your mind wondering where was this two years ago? Make’s me start to forget the “Two pound turd” format they had when a certain somebody who thought it would be cool. ( Not Cool man, Not Cool!)

My 2 Cents!

I think that Channel 2 has a long way to go, and now they are on the right path. Back in April when I spoke with the management team, I got the sense that they heard the community and how much they loved channel 2 for what it was and not what it had currently become. So they took extra care to include viewers in the loop with their promotions page on Facebook. I know that management has to okay things with Tribune, since they are running the station for them and Tribune has the ultimate power over KWGN, but day to day it is the local management who call the shots. So here it is with both barrels you guys and gals at KDVR/KWGN.

We want more, local, news, colorado! It is after all Colorado’s first News station, let’s give Tribune a good idea of what we are about and not what they think we are about.

#1 Make Channel 2 as distinctive as the people who live here. Do things differently the what is currently going on. Not everything has to be about what other stations are doing or not doing it is about touting what you have and owning it!

#2 While I love the fact they tried to do something different, 7pm really? Most people I know like the fact that the newscast is well awesome now. But up against big primetime shows? ( I can understand if your #1 in the market and do something ballsy like that, but when your #5, not so much. )

In my mind this is how I would see the schedule this fall ( except I am not sure what show’s except “The Big Bang Theory” your getting so far. ) So let’s play! ( I love Everyday, I really do)

5am: Colorado’s Own Channel 2 – Daybreak

7am: Colorado’s Own Mornings Live ( Everyday / Daybreak Merge, Best of both worlds )

9am: Live with Regis and Kelly

10am: Wendy Williams

11am: Colorado’s Own Channel 2 Midday News

1pm: Dr. Drew’s Life Changers ( The CW Daytime ) Move it back two hours.

( 4 hour Comedy Block, of some of the best show’s ever in Syndication, great way to counter all the talk shows on the other channels )

2pm: Friends

3pm: Everybody Loves Raymond

4pm: Seinfeld

5pm: Two and a Half Men

6pm: Colorado’s Own Evening News on Channel 2 ( 7pm News gets pushed up to 6pm )

7pm: The CW Primetime ( Let’s face it not big in ratings but getting better. )

9pm: The Big Bang Theory ( Would be a great lead in to 10pm )

10pm: Colorado’s Own Channel 2 News at 10pm ( Formally Nightside on FOX31 Denver)

11pm: 30 Rock ( not sure really if KWGN is picking it up, but awesome show )

12pm: My Name is Earl

1am: My Wife and Kids

2am: Jerry Springer

3am: Steve Wilkos

4am: Bill Cunningham ( Second Run, First run at 10am on FOX31 Denver )

I feel that this is a great way to make the station distinctive, and move the trash talk that really isn’t great for any stations reputation to the wee hours of the morning. And replacing it with show’s that people feel like this is what Channel 2 is about. Total counter programming that Advertisers will love and I am pretty sure audiences will too. As I stated above I feel that having the Big Bang Theory at 9pm will be a great lead-in for news at 10pm, Nightside isn’t doing too hot on FOX31 Denver, I believe because it is the same news as the 9pm and if you move it to Channel 2 to even out News on both channels it will also help make each station more distinct and be able to compete against Channels 9,4,7 and 20 more effectively.

Natalie and Chris, I gotta say this I love Everyday, I can see that your pouring your hearts into the show, but I see it’s strength’s and weaknesses ( 10am isn’t doing it for ya ) So I figured merging it with the last 2 hours of Daybreak and giving it a new title, bringing all the best elements of the show together with more news, weather, Tom, Angie, and Chris Tomer ) It would be even more awesome, really I think it would. And also for a new 2 hour show to open up at 11am to add more news, weather, entertainment to Channel 2. ( I would pick Tom and Natalie to anchor the Midday show and bring elements of Everyday into that show as well, spread the wealth! )

While I do understand that this could be a huge gold rush for advertising money or a crap chute this will be a far better way for Channel 2 to become what it once was a well respected News station with awesome programming all in one place that you cannot get any place else in the Denver Market. I would honestly see ratings going up across all day-parts with the schedule above and the changes I outlined. As well as bringing back News to the weekends.

As a viewer since the days of Blinky’s Fun Club, this is what I know I would want from Channel 2 and would probably tune in more so then I already do.


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