FOX31 and Channel2 Makeover?

So a forum that I watch here and there posted a interesting little post about someone doing a walk through of the Speer Boulevard Studios of KDVR/KWGN and posted this little tidbit of Graphic Design goodness!

Now this picture shows a update of a more classic FOX31 Logo from the late 90’s and early 2000’s and a completely different take on the KWGN Logo, when I contacted Peter Birdsong the Promotions Producer, he said he couldn’t say much but that the new branding will take place before May Sweeps. Which is only a few weeks away. One could speculate that with a Billboard outside that is covered up with the Slogan saying ” It’s time for something NEWS” covering up the two logo’s. Further evidence to a re-branding of  sorts is on the site that has the new FOX31 Logo. 

While I do speculate that maybe since Carolyn Kane left the station as VP of Content ( News Director ) Earlier this month that the News Department will go in a different direction then it has. That maybe they will have News of  equal amounts on both stations and perhaps an expansion of news to compete with other stations in Denver. With this new “Direction” it looks like the possibility that the stations will have a common Graphics packages since both logo’s have similarities in tone, so no more FOX O&O graphics (Which suck) and no more Deuce leftover graphics (Really Sucked).

If I could add anything to this is that maybe they can listen more to the people that watch their newscasts, interact with them more, stop doing what other stations are doing ( Larry Mendte) And have some local perspective, not take things away from viewers but give them more, locally produced information programs that don’t try to over achieve and fall short. I would say combine Good Day Colorado and Daybreak, but I would see somehow KWGN getting the short end of the stick. Daybreak has the personality, but Good Day has the News, well Simulcast until 7am then take dramatically different approaches with Morning Show programming. Turn Everyday into a two hour show at 7am with more lifestyle and Entertainment with News & Weather updates then add a Midday Newscast on both stations.

7pm isn’t working for News and lets face it, Kellie MacMullan’s talents are wasted at that time slot, move it back an hour to 6pm and move Nightstide from FOX31 to KWGN and expand to an hour. So the stations are more akin to tag team coverage then just KDVR gets it all and KWGN is the Left over station. Use those stations Peter ( GM at the stations ) and create more original content then anyone in the market, Over-the-Air and online with exclusive, informative content.


Denver Television Fall 2010 Preview – KWGN 2

Denver Television Fall 2010With this Series of Blog Articles I am going to be going in numerical order, so KWGN will be first.

It is a fact that the television industry changes things up on a regular basis, this year there are some bigger changes then in the past, mostly because of the rebounding economy some stations are expanding newscasts and adding more programming from syndicated content providers.

KWGN 2 is a station in transition with the stank of “The Deuce” still in the air they are trying to move forward and re-brand and currently is going by just their call letters KWGN, but it seems they may just go by “2” again from some information I have seen in compiling this report. So Lets get to it. Here is the Monday through Friday Schedule

  • 5am: Daybreak on 2News ( New Name )
  • 9am: Live with Regis and Kelly
  • 10am: Everyday
  • 11am: Wendy Williams Show
  • 12pm: America’s Funniest Home Video’s ( New Time Period and Station )
  • 1pm: Jerry Springer Show ( New Station )
  • 2pm: Steve Wilkos
  • 3pm: Best of Tyra Banks Show ( The CW Daytime )
  • 4pm: Friends ( Full Hour – New Time Period )
  • 5pm: My Name is Earl
  • 6pm: Two and a Half Men
  • 7pm: 2News at 7pm ( New Name )
  • 8pm: The CW Primetime
  • 10pm: Seinfeld ( New Station )
  • 11pm: Curb Your Enthusiasm (New Show)
  • 11:30: Entourage ( New Show )
  • 12am: Everybody Loves Raymond ( New Time, Full Hour )
  • 1am: Access Hollywood ( New Time Period )
  • 1:30: The Insider ( New Time Period, New Station )
  • 2am: Real Housewives ( New Show )
  • 3am: Paid Programming
  • 4am: My Wife and Kids ( Full Hour )

Saturday’s Schedule has some new Syndicated runs of some shows that have ended their network runs as well as exclusive to Channel 2 shows that are no longer shared with KDVR

  • 5am: Paid Programming
  • 7am: CW4Kids
  • 12pm: Paid Programming
  • 3pm: KWGN Saturday Cinema
  • 5pm: Friends ( Full Hour )
  • 6pm: Two and a Half Men ( Full Hour )
  • 7pm: The Unit ( New Show )
  • 8pm: The Unit ( New Show )
  • 9pm: Bones ( New Night, New Time )
  • 10pm: Bones ( New Night, New Time )
  • 11pm: Cold Case Files ( New Night, New Time )
  • 12am: Cold Case Files ( New Night, New Time )
  • 1am: Paid Programming

Sunday Programming has some changes as well as exclusive runs of some syndicated shows that previously aired on KDVR as well.

  • 5am: Paid Programming
  • 8am: Kenneth Copeland
  • 8:30: Paid Programming
  • 9am: Life Today
  • 9:30: Paid Programming
  • 10am: Key of David
  • 10:30: Paid Programming
  • 12pm: Awesome Adventures ( Full Hour, New Day E/I Requirement)
  • 1pm: Career Day (New Show, E/I Requirement)
  • 1:30: Mystery Hunters ( New Show, E/I Requirement)
  • 2pm: Eco Company ( New Show, E/I Requirement )
  • 2:30: Hollywood & Dine
  • 3pm: KWGN Sunday Cinema
  • 5pm: Ugly Betty ( New Show )
  • 6pm: Ugly Betty ( New Show )
  • 7pm: House ( New Day )
  • 8pm: House ( New Station, New Time )
  • 9pm: Two and a Half Men ( Full Hour )
  • 10pm: Seinfeld ( New Station, Full Hour )
  • 11pm: Curb Your Enthusiasm ( New Show )
  • 11:30: Entourage ( New Show )
  • 12am: Everybody Loves Raymond
  • 12:30: KWGN Late Cinema
  • 2:30: Paid Programming
  • 4am: My Wife and Kids ( Full Hour )

So It looks like from the information I see is that there is still no Weekend news at KWGN and they could be using the brand of 2News for Newscasts.

Up Next…. KCNC CBS4

If I ran a station or two! Redux

While it has been a while since I have written an article on this blog, I have checked and I have still been getting quite a bit of traffic and hits to it. Last year I wrote an article on here entitled ” If I ran a station or two!” it was done with KDVR FOX31 and KWGN Channel 2 in mind, and in this instance it is again.

I watched the inaugural newscast Nightside on FOX31 was well just a newscast that looked only different in a smattering of new graphics and a set that was confiscated from Channel 2’s set, it wasn’t original, different or innovative, it just seems to be a stop plug from people like me bitching about the fact Channel 2 needs more newscasts on it, like a hour long newscast at 10pm. Well as you can see that didn’t happen.  I am thinking I hope Tribune Company pulls the plug on Channel 2’s LMA with Local TV, LLC. and takes channel 2 and brings them back into the competitive loop.  It seems that this was a gesture to compete with Channels 4,7 and 9 but and do something different, but the newscast was not different, it was just two people just standing on a remodeled set with screens and telling the same stories they reported on at 5pm and 9pm.

Now If I ran the stations, I would have done more of a news magazine type of show at 10pm then a traditional newscast. have two or three long form stories that matter and a weather update. not lets rerun everything at 9pm at 10pm.  I would have united both FOX31 and Channel 2’s news departments as one,  And have that brand on both channels, and each channel would retain it’s entertainment branding.

I do have more confidence in Peter Maroney then I ever did in Dennis Leonard, but I don’t have it in Carolyn Kane, I see it as a focus on one station and the other can just become a nondescript station that plays sitcoms, shitty talk shows all day. Well they have an opportunity to grow beyond the confines of the traditional news department, it is 2010 not 1985. I know I have a clue, I guess certain people don’t.  KWGN has a legacy in Colorado more so then any other station, it needs to be used with grace and care, not a total disregard for the viewers of Colorado.

Here is what I have to say to you Mr. Maroney, I would love to take the rains at KWGN and turn it into a powerhouse. Taking traditional and turning it into a non traditional format, more focused on the stories and less on the anchors on some newscasts while up-ing the focus on local news. Also taking some chances with Online only shows and newscasts for commuters and people at work that don’t have access to TV during lunch hours or just before leaving work. And with TheCW giving back the 4pm hour I would launch a newscast their with a format that is more like a Morning show with Weather and Traffic alternating on the 2’s.  Also I would take Everyday and move it to 7am -9am, and extend Daybreak from 4am to 7am. Then add a Noon Newscast that feels like lunch with friends and exchanging news of the day. I would interact with viewers at local hotspots during daytime newscasts and get feed back on Twitter and Facebook as well as live on camera.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Tell me what you think.

KDVR to Launch Nightside at 10pm on June 28th

KDVR is launching a 10pm newscast from what I have read in Joanne Ostrow’s article from the Denver Post is that it will not be a headline news type of show. It will not be traditional at all. But really does it matter? KDVR will have a real battle on its hands with KUSA dominating the time period and KCNC being the perennial second place and KMGH bringing up the the remaining 10pm news audience.  But it looks like it will be more like a news magazine type of show then anything else by focusing on “Exclusive Enterprise Stoires” Carolyn Cane told Joanne in the story. But my question is why KDVR and why 10pm? Does it make since and will this “Newscast” be around in a year? The ratings will tell and also the cost cutting measures by not having a syndicated show in that time slot may save the station some money.

I still think that KWGN and KDVR should have one news brand that doesn’t emphasize the FOX news brand or the Deuce brand of news, but something that like “Storm Force” weather teams brand that transcends station boundaries and creates more local news and local programming options that could be a more powerful brand. I would if I was in charge call it “NewsNow Colorado” And have commonality and at the same time exclusive stories to certain times of the day.

Back to the Nightside newscast they are launching,  I just hope it isn’t tabloid in nature, because if it is, I won’t be watching.

Molly Hughes is out at KCNC CBS4

Apparently KCNC felt the need to cut Molly Hughes before her contract was set to expire according to Joanne Ostrow’s column, and that in the same article that the subtext is the media is going for younger, cheeper and willing to do more reporters and anchors. My question is do they think this is working for the audience? I don’t think so!

Because I would rather watch a seasoned reporter or anchor then some one who frequently trips over their own words and fact checking is questionable.  So I say to KCNC Boo to you for stooping low and creating a since of age-ism and also the attempt to keep viewers. Keeping viewers is not about getting younger audiences with fluff pieces and questionably qualified reporters, it is about how the news is delivered by people who have earned the respect because of their professionalism.

Also to just have a slimmer budget is a pathetic excuse.

As for Molly Hughes, I hope the new GM over at KWGN/KDVR gives you call, as they need a strong evening anchor at channel 2 to turn that boat around. I would hope the new GM over there brings back some high ranking and quality anchors back to Channel 2, not this tabloid shit that has been sinking the brand since the last GM basically renamed the station a two pound turd. Molly I hope things work out and you come back to the television screens of Colorado. We will be watching.

Thank You Betty!

Tonight I was watching a show that has been a show that no matter what night or however I might have found a way to watch it, I would, it was a show that brought a smile to my face and at times brought a tear to my cheek. That show was ‘Ugly Betty’ with the simple premise of a girl who is trying to find herself in the fast paced and superficial world of Fashion, she was a girl that never fit into the crowd, she stood out. I was glad to know that after 4 seasons Betty is no longer Ugly, which I never thought she was, she was a person who had a great heart and tried to stay on her own path. At times yes it was hard to believe Betty wasn’t a real person, but the woman who portrayed her did such a fantastic job that she was Betty.

So I want to thank the people who made this show, who stared in it, wrote it, produced it and well made me smile. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, and the genuine feeling of warmth. It was a great 4 years.

Peggy Bunker Out at KDVR

Over the last week or so Peggy Bunker has been missing from the airwaves on KDVR FOX 31, Most likely because her contract wasn’t renewed. In a transitional environment when a new General Manager takes over and see what is working and not working anyone is likely to be moved to another position or even be cut from the team. Weather or not if that is the case or if Peggy left on her own accord, she is noticeably gone. So far Natalie Tysdal has been filling in on Good Day Colorado. No formal replacement has been announced.